A Return

(PL) For me the forest is a place where you can escape. It reminds me of the mountains. It smells of moss and moisture.

Fot. Mirek Kaźmierczak

No Place Called Home

‘No Place Called Home’ is a collection of personal reflections on the sense of belonging, safety and space ownership.

Fot. Olga Świątecka


The biggest city in Turkey awakeness. Spread between two sides of Bosphorus, on one hand desires to be in Europe, on the other it will always remain in the East.

Fot. Maciek Simm

Horse Fair

Every year, on the first Monday after Ash Wednesday, in Skaryszew (PL, Świętokrzyskie voivodeship) there is an event of “Wstępy” held which is one of the biggest horse fairs in Europe.

Fot. Maciek Simm

Straight Story

89-year-old Maria lives in a village Zahutyń near Sanok (Poland). It’s a straight story of a human who has her life already behind her.

Fot. Mirek Kaźmierczak

Nu Po

Somewhere in the middle of the jungle there is a camp for those that escaped from Burma. All waiting. There is no way back.

Fot. Monika Krauz

“Shame” in Pauza Gallery

The opening of ‘Shame’ exhibition by Olga Świątecka and Monika Redzisz in Krakow’s Pauza Gallery on the 27th of March 2014, 8pm.

Opening of “Shame” by Olga Świątecka and Monika Redzisz

Opening of “Shame” will take place on the 5th of December 2013 in “Nowe Miejsce” Gallery, Warsaw.

Sister Mary

A 96-year-old retired Sister. She entered her 76th year of Service with peace and in health. From an early age she wanted to join the convent, but did not expect her dream to come true.

Fot. Paulina Małyska


Warsaw. City center. A cinema hall, prestigious location… in there a group of muscled men. Their presence awakens emotions that are difficult to imagine without witnessing them.

Fot. Paulina Małyska

Maciek Simm on 3rd Trienalle of Wałbrzych Photography

“There will be no other end” is a series of photos that are scraps from different travels.


A selection of photographs that are a reflection of a corporate system and what it brings to an urban space.

Fot. Mirek Kaźmierczak

5th Ostroleka Photofestival

(PL) 11 października 2013 roku, w holu Wyższej Szkoły Administracji Publicznej w Ostrołęce odbyła się nasza pierwsza, kolektywna wystawa.


Street photos captured on various occasions.

Fot. Mirek Kaźmierczak

Ticket to Paradise

Eastern immigrants crossed the Polish border. Here, they make plans, friends and settle in a new life. A better life, which they could not afford in Lithuania, Ukraine, and Belarus.

Fot. Paulina Małyska

Not a girl, yet not a woman

Not a girl, yet not a woman is a story of a metamorphosis captured by the lens. It’s a transition from girlhood into femininity.

Fot. Olga Świątecka


This is a story about a little hospital situated at a Thai-Burmese border. Mae Tao Clinic is a haven for immigrants from Burma, who often bridge hundreds of kilometers to receive the necessary medical attention.

Fot. Monika Krauz