Monika Krauz

Monika Krauz, borne and bred in 1988 in Warsaw, though she doesn’t feel connection with any any place on Earth. She considers her studies the last thing that defines her as a human. She graduated in international relations and photography. She writes ever since she can remember, images were added to the words at a certain point. At first, a fascination with what surrounded her occured. With time, tendency towards reportage and documentary showed up, together with obsessive interest in visual arts. Her photography is a natural completion of her articles. With words and shutter she tries to seize reality, tell about herself and others. She’s engaged in multiple artistic projects. She cooperates with Polish press, among other: Wysokie Obcasy. Her dream is to write a book once. In photography she admires subjective documentary and deadpan. She experiments with form, always runs away from something and is at a constant seek. Privately - mother of young Kajtek.



MOBILE: +48 508 354 394


Nu Po

Somewhere in the middle of the jungle there is a camp for those that escaped from Burma. All waiting. There is no way back.

Fot. Monika Krauz


This is a story about a little hospital situated at a Thai-Burmese border. Mae Tao Clinic is a haven for immigrants from Burma, who often bridge hundreds of kilometers to receive the necessary medical attention.

Fot. Monika Krauz