Paulina Małyska

Paulina Małyska, a graduate in press photography at the University of Warsaw and cultural studies. Art enthusiast. Likes to cook, but not for herself. Talks too much and is always late. She’s irritated by disloyalty, cannot hide the truth and her feelings. Her friends laugh, that she grits her teeth when someone steals ideas. She’s skittish and sometimes puts a glass down in air. Reportage and documentary photography open her head and eyes.



MOBILE: +48 502 713 093


Sister Mary

A 96-year-old retired Sister. She entered her 76th year of Service with peace and in health. From an early age she wanted to join the convent, but did not expect her dream to come true.

Fot. Paulina Małyska


Warsaw. City center. A cinema hall, prestigious location… in there a group of muscled men. Their presence awakens emotions that are difficult to imagine without witnessing them.

Fot. Paulina Małyska

Ticket to Paradise

Eastern immigrants crossed the Polish border. Here, they make plans, friends and settle in a new life. A better life, which they could not afford in Lithuania, Ukraine, and Belarus.

Fot. Paulina Małyska