Mirek Kaźmierczak

Mirek Kaźmierczak, born in 1989, runs PDF Magazine’s photo department. A multiple prize-winner in photography contests, a press photography student at the University of Warsaw, and a class attendant at the Academy of Reportage. He held a reflex camera as a 19 year old for the first time, but he picked up photography faster than any other. Documentary and reportage in particular absorbed him totally. He likes working on the spot, take his camera for a city stroll, tell stories about people and their surrounding. At the streets of Warsaw he seeks impulses to move the shutter. He never lets go, works hard, experiments and combines visual with content. Monochromatic, contrasting images with deep blacks in them are the closest to his heart. He likes engaged, classic photoreportage but appreciated new documentary as well. He wants his images to bring joy, feel the shiver of emotion that shows up when he catches the right frame. He appreciates the possibility to confront his work with viewers, likes drinking coffee, watching sunrises and listening to good music.

Paulina Małyska

Paulina Małyska, a graduate in press photography at the University of Warsaw and cultural studies. Art enthusiast. Likes to cook, but not for herself. Talks too much and is always late. She’s irritated by disloyalty, cannot hide the truth and her feelings. Her friends laugh, that she grits her teeth when someone steals ideas. She’s skittish and sometimes puts a glass down in air. Reportage and documentary photography open her head and eyes.

Maciek Simm

Maciej Simm, born in 1990 in Walbrzych, a place that brings him closer to the mountains. A qualified economist. For few years he co-created an Independent Student’s Monthly Magiel, where he was responsible for the overall graphic design and a selfestablished section about photography called Black on White. He’s passionate abot IT and works in the field. He got his first camera – Zenith 12XP from his grandfather at the age of 14. At first architecture and landscape were his focus. With time, he appreciated reportage and documentary photography. While photographing he mixes techniques, but likes analogue more than digital. He’s keen on hearing and gathering people’s stories and passes them on. In his free time he bikes, runs marathons, travels and enjoys mountain views. Especially domestic Giant Mountains.

Olga Świątecka

Olga Świątecka, born in 1987, a graduate in: economics, journalism and photography, grew up in the Western Poland. Her biograms get outdated constantly. She reaches for her camera whenever she can, but mostly because she has a need to. She’s curious, likes light and warmth. The first in photography, the latter preferably 24/7. Her experience comes from working as a freelancer from year 2007 on – doing writing, editing, photography and graphic design for press (Newsweek, Malemen, KAWA Magazyn, Magiel, Biocity), private companies (Brand Support, Centrum Klima, Brown PR) and public institutions (Ministry of Regional Development, National Energy Conservation Agency). She learns to combine words and images in multimedia projects. She seeks challenges that let her use all aspects of her current experience. She works for an interactive agency which she supports in PR, client service and copyrighting activities. After hours she photographs, cannot rest and keeps on learning.