No Place Called Home x


No Place Called Home
Olga Świątecka

‘No Place Called Home’ is a collection of reflections on the sense of belonging, safety and space ownership. I explored the concept from the perspective of those given the Promised Land, as well as those who have had their land taken away from them. I heard words like: I decided to remain in my country, not because I love myself less, but because I love this country more.

There, where the struggle for room and rooms coexists, an attempt takes place to understand ones own emotions. Life must go on, regardless – one has to hang a chandelier, iron the edge on a pair of pants, gather fresh herbs from a garden, cancel a show, when war breaks out. One must simply be. About the process of taming the earth, losing and finding ones place in the chaos, I spoke with the residents of Israel and the Palestinian Authority. I have observed how people manage to reconstruct their lives and homes in the most difficult of circumstances. I hope it will help me understand, how important it is for many to have home at all.