Not a girl, yet not a woman x


Not a girl, yet not a woman
Olga Świątecka

Not a girl, yet not a woman is a story of a metamorphosis captured by the lens. It’s a transition from girlhood into femininity. Paulina Wilk, a writer, says: “(…) every day, I felt that I change shape. I remember the physical feeling of the emergence of my very own self. Farewell to the fear and a sudden surge of confidence that I’m on the other side.” This state is a time of questions, insinuations, exploration, worries. For girls, characters of the story, it’s a period of a change from who they no longer are into who they aren’t yet.

Each portrait has been taken in the girl’s room. A room where they grew up in, feel comfortable in and still live with their parents nearby. A room that they’ve been creating for years, that displays a part of their personalities as much as their words.