“Shame” in Pauza Gallery x


The opening of ‘Shame’ exhibition by Olga Świątecka and Monika Redzisz in Krakow’s Pauza Gallery on the 27th of March 2014, 8pm.

Olga Świątecka and Monika Redzisz speak of a shameful project:

Olga: ‘Hi, I would like to photograph shame,’ these are the words we used while standing in the doorway of our subjects, in this manner we confronted them (and ourselves) about a difficult conversation we were about to have. We set out to create our own story of somebody else’s intimacy – through the means of a portrait as well as the written word. “Shame” consisted of a process of muted photo sessions as well as hours of conversations with the protagonists. “Shame” is a process of discovering that emotion, fascinating and unpredictable, process that made that word has taken on a new, very personal meaning.

Monika: There are many reasons to feel shame – sometimes it might be congenital shyness, sensitiveness, sometimes it is as an effect of destructive tendencies or traumatic experiences. Whether it be a primal shame or one that has been acquired over the years, it is nevertheless a powerful inhibition for ones development as in one’s life. Everything is more difficult when you are burdened by shame.


It is however fortunate that you can overcome shame, as the heroes of our stories have done, and the heavier the burden, the bigger the sense of relief and happiness was when it was overcome. We are grateful that we were able to participate in the meetings with our heroes and we thank them for their trust.